Villervalla is a magical world. A world created of colorful fantasies and liberating childishness. A world where games and adventure never end. A world where every child can join in, where every child is welcome. So step into the magical world of Villervalla – a world where children are always children.

Villervalla is a company with strong values. We stand for joy, optimism and equality. We are inclusive and inviting. We are a brand that is on the children’s side. All of this is apparent in Villervalla’s colorful and playful children’s clothes.

Clothes for kids

What do we mean when we say “clothes for kids”? First and foremost it is a clear explanation of what we do, but we also think about it in a few additional steps. We design and create children’s clothing for all children from newborn up to 12 years. We believe that all children can wear all the colors of the rainbow. You can mix and match clothes across the whole collection, and the fit of the clothes suites both boys and girls. We create comfortable, stylish, durable and fun clothes. It is very important to us that our garments are free from harmful chemicals. The majority of our clothes are organic and Oeko-Tex certified. This is what we mean when we say that we make clothes for kids.

Company Background

The CEO and founder of Villervalla, Hanna Håkansson, opened up a children’s shop in 1999, and quickly realized that there was a lack of well designed, unisex clothing that would work well for every day use as well as for special occasions. The idea of Villervalla was born. Combining her experience as a shop owner with a strong will, Hanna released her first Villervalla-collection in 2005. The beautiful, comfortable clothes and unique mix & match-concept became a big success. 13 years later, Villervalla runs eight concept stores, has about 50 retailers within Sweden, and more than 150 retailers in 20 different countries around the world.

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  • Villervalla Vintage Bus Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Riviera

    Villervalla Vintage Bus Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Riviera

    21.50 9.95
  • Villervalla Shark Long Sleeve T-Shirt

    Villervalla Shark Long Sleeve T-Shirt

    21.50 9.95
  • Villervalla Tiger T-Shirt

    Villervalla Tiger T-Shirt

    21.50 9.95
  • Villervalla Flamingo Tunic

    Villervalla Flamingo Tunic

    27.95 9.95