Sleep No More

Sleep No More are quite a new company, just launched in April 2017.
They work with premium products, materials and factories. At Sleep No More, they believe in high quality products at affordable prices.
Their designs are fun and trendy – a bit more from the regular teddy bears and stars you normally find on baby clothes.
They sell chemical free organic clothes due to the sensitive skin of babies, and have the GOTS certificate to make sure everyone in their production chain gets paid fairly.  There is no abuse along their productions from top to bottom.
100% Organic Cotton Unisex Clothes for kids aged 0-6 years.

They grow up so fast! 

Sleep No More sizes are based on the 50% percentile in the UK.  As every baby is different when it is born, we do urge you to check the sizing and always go for something a little bigger if in doubt.


Wondering how cotton clothing affects your children? Did you know that a child’s skin is thinner and more porous than that of an adult? An infant’s skin absorbs things more easily, making it more susceptible to physical and environmental factors. A baby’s skin is less resistant to bacteria, especially if it’s irritated from fabrics or various skin care products. All these contributing factors contribute to children being at greater risk for pesticide-related health problems than adults.

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