Piccalilly are a British baby and kids wear brand designing organic baby clothes and organic children’s clothes. They manufacture all of their organic clothing to the highest ethical standards.  Piccalilly clothes are made for kids, not by kids.  They are committed to working only with suppliers who meet the highest level of social compliance and give you the certainty that their products are child labour free.  Piccalilly pay a fair price for their clothing and the result is that the people who make their ranges receive a living wage and extra benefits including free transportation to work, company sponsored meals, healthcare and funding for their children’s education.

Conventional cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops and the pesticides and fertilisers used not only pollute the local environment but the chemical residues remain in the clothing once manufactured. Common sense suggests that for baby and kids clothing, organic cotton is safer to wear, especially on delicate skin. Piccalilly therefore manufacture using organic cotton ensuring the environment where the cotton is grown is healthy for the farmers who grow it, as well as kinder for our children too.