JNY is a Swedish children’s clothing brand that was founded in Åre in 2005.
One winter’s day in Åre, a hobby became a business and a dream came true. From the very beginning JNY’s focus has been on designing and manufacturing sustainable high quality children’s clothing in design, material, sewing and fit. The company’s headquarters are still in Åre and it is here that their skilled designers get their inspiration to create the clothes and fabrics.

JNY think kids want to be kids and not small adults.

 Therefore, clothes for children should be beautiful, playful and made with the utmost of care in all joints.  Their aim is not just that all adults will like their clothes, but that children will love them too. Each collection of printed patterns can be combined with their single coloured collections.

Regardless of eco-labeling, the clothing industry is one of the world’s largest polluters.  Buying an eco-labelled garment is one of many steps that we can all take to contribute to a change.

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  • JNY Summer Fruit Sundress

    JNY Summer Fruit Sundress

    25.95 9.95
  • JNY Summer Fruit Puffy Shirt, Short Sleeve

    JNY Summer Fruit Puffy Shirt, Short Sleeve

    22.50 9.95
  • JNY Swimming Fish Strapdress

    JNY Swimming Fish Strapdress

    27.95 9.95
  • JNY Swimming Fish T-Shirt

    JNY Swimming Fish T-Shirt

    22.50 9.90
  • JNY Scuba Dress

    JNY Scuba Dress

    23.50 9.95
  • JNY Scuba T-Shirt

    JNY Scuba T-Shirt

    22.50 9.90
  • JNY Hibiscus Puffy Shirt

    JNY Hibiscus Puffy Shirt

    22.50 9.95
  • JNY Aloha Tucan SweetDress

    JNY Aloha Tucan SweetDress

    25.95 9.95
  • JNY Aloha Tucan T-Shirt

    JNY Aloha Tucan T-Shirt

    22.50 9.95
  • JNY Dolphin Island Dress

    JNY Dolphin Island Dress

    23.50 9.90
  • JNY Lion Circus Long Sleeve Tunic with Pockets

    JNY Lion Circus Long Sleeve Tunic with Pockets

    27.95 9.99
  • JNY Bellis Pink Tunic Dress

    JNY Bellis Pink Tunic Dress

    30.95 4.95