Funky Giraffe

Funky Giraffe bandana bibs are perfect for the fashion-savvy baby and toddler.

The 100% cotton front feels soft to the touch.  The fleece backing keeps dribble from soaking through.  The double poppers mean you can adjust the fit.  The idea behind Funky Giraffe is that dressing your child should be a pleasure and not a chore.  They aim to provide their little customers with real style.  Top quality at excellent value.

Funky Giraffe are into the details of what they produce.  For example all of their fabric that they purchase is certified by OEKO –TEX to be safe and free from all hazardous dyes.  They use water based dyes for their printing.  This is more tricky but Funky Giraffe think it’s worth it for your baby and for the environment.

Funky Giraffe bandana bibs are designed to go from birth to well past teething.  Meaning that you will only need to buy one set of bibs. They shape the bibs to fit your child’s neck to ensure they are comfy.  So your child is less likely to object to them being there. Carefully designed folds in the fabric mean that the cotton will give a snug fit without being too tight. All of this care and attention means that these bibs are both practical and funky.

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